Hay River



Aurora Manufacturing has extensive knowledge and experience
building specialty trucks to suit customer needs.

Types of trucks include roll-off trucks, vacuum trucks, lubrication trucks, picker trucks,
service trucks and deck trucks. Tanks, service units and picker units can be mounted on
a wide variety of chassis including Ford, Freightliner and Western Star.

Vacuum Trucks

Aurora Manufacturing offers custom designed and fabricated vacuum trucks to meet customer specifications. Trucks can be designed with a Western Star, or Freightliner chassis. Vacuum tanks can be configured for single or tandem axle chassis, with full opening rear doors or with hoists for roll off chassis applications. Vacuum tanks range from 1800 to 3500 gallons, have heated valves, include suction hoses and use direct, PTO mounted hydraulic pumps, Wallenstein, Moro and Fruitland pumps, and come with site glasses, hose racks, fenders and flaps.


Aurora Manufacturing offers its customers roll-off trucks with either a Freightliner, or Western Star chassis. Available service bodies include 3000 gallon water tanks, 2500 gallon vacuum tanks; both with hydraulic driven pumps, flat decks, garbage bins and van bodies.


Aurora Manufacturing builds custom lubrication trucks for multiple lubrication products pumping capacity. Units can include a TC406 fuel delivery tank, vacuum induction for used oil suction, compressors, electric gensets, and metering systems for lubricants and fuel delivery.


Aurora Manufacturing builds picker trucks and service trucks to meet customer specifications. Both picker trucks and service trucks can be designed using a Freightliner, Western Star, or Ford chassis. Service trucks and picker trucks come with HIAB cranes, hydraulic controls and heated cabinets for arctic conditions, and flat decks are custom built to client specifications.


Aurora Manufacturing designs and builds custom decks for Freightliner, Ford, and Western Star chassis to our customers’ specifications. Deck trucks, winch trucks, welding and mechanic service bodies, and special applications to meet every need.


Aurora Manufacturing specializes in the fabrication of water trucks for community and industry. Aurora Manufacturing designs and builds insulated and uninsulated tanks from 600 gallons to 4000 gallons to mount on Ford, Freightliner, and Western Star chassis. Tanks are built out of carbon steel, stainless steel or aluminum and can be fitted with heated side or rear delivery cabinets with hose reels, pumps and metering systems to meet harsh arctic conditions.


Aurora Manufacturing is a Transport Canada registered facility for the fabrication, testing and re-testing of TC-406, TC-407 and TC-412 tanks certified to CSA B620 standards. Tanks can be built anywhere from 600 gallons to 4000 gallons with the choice of side or rear delivery cabinets and direct drive or hydraulic pumps, custom metering systems, hose reels and loading options.


Aurora Manufacturing fabricates winch trucks to customer specifications. Direct or hydraulic drivers winches to 50 tons. Aurora Manufacturing offers live rolls and walking decks, headache and chain racks, tool boxes and cabinets and can equip your truck with remote winch controls.


Aurora Manufacturing can custom build a plow truck to meet any and all requirements. Aurora Manufacturing offers its customers a choice of Tenco and Wausau plows, wings and underbody plows, and airport wide plows. Sander bodies; both chassis mounted and slip-in are also available. Multi-function hydraulic packages with multi-function operator control boxes are available.